An exoskeleton for everyone

the most low power and lightweight exoskeletons in the world 


It’s simple, we make exoskeletons by integrating springs. Most notably, the Dutch load carrying exoskeleton for defense: Centaur. Prototypes available for testing 2023.

Heavy load - light weight

Power up // Centaur

The Centaur is a light weight, semi-passive leg exoskeleton for transporting heavy equipment on foot.  

Used in defence: low risk approach march // drop zone logistics // forward base setup.

We make effective exoskeletons that don’t impede in any other tasks.

step by step gait improvement

Move light // Hermes

The Hermes passive ankle orthosis for pes equinus adds a negative stiffness around the ankle, giving the foot a natural position, and regaining mobility of the joint.

Used in medical: home rehabilitation // modular physiotherapy // increased mobility.


We've got your back

keep going // Laevo

Laevo exoskeletons is InteSprings younger sister company and provides the best way to prevent back pain in situations where you need to be mobile and can use immediate back support.

Used in industry: warehouse logistics // repetitive heavy manufacturing // increase agriculture productivity.

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