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InteSpring is an engineering consultancy firm specializing in the development of systems that balance force and gravity to enhance the performance of humans and devices alike. Our 4-phase modular approach covers the whole development process from idea to certified product and everything in between.

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our core capabilities

spring integration

weight reduction

Storage of mechanical energy in the form of a compliant structure can have many benefits. Springs are relatively light weight, can deliver large forces fast, and are incredibly durable. 

InteSpring has extensive knowledge of all mechanical spring systems on the market, but also gas springs, hydraulic accumulator and damping systems, compliant structures and structural spring characteristics, as well as magnetic springs.  

InteSpring unique twist is that all this knowledge can be combined with a variety of customizable positive and negative stiffness mechanisms. 

human factors

safe and with ease

Due to their reliable nature, but also their inherent buildup of force, springs are amazing to be used in series wherever actuation is applied around humans.

Series elastic elements enhance the inherent safety of machines and mechanisms for the humans interacting with them. Balancing the weight of these machines with springs can reduce the torque output needed to control them, increasing safety once again.

From all these exposure points InteSpring has built up a large experience base around man-machine-interaction and human factors over the years.



Once an technical solution is ready to be taken to market, insight must be gained into its lifecycle. This is true of all mechanical devices, but especially of those with spring systems integrated.

Because InteSpring consults all the way until market, we have become very comfortable with making testing devices and lifecycle analysis machines. Within these devices themselves we include our balancing technology. As they may have to run for many thousands of hours, the benefit can be substantial. This allows InteSpring to offer these services at a competitive rate.


wearable devices

Finally springs lend themselves uniquely to wearable devices due to their lightweight and non-powered nature. 

InteSpring has advised on numerous exoskeleton projects, and even created a few successful projects herself. There is knowledge of interaction with the full scope of the human body including: ankles, legs, hips, lower back, torso and arms. Furthermore, the intersecting markets are extremely varied, reaching form entertainment and consumer goods to industry, logistics, medical, and defense.

some of our projects:

INTESPRING's aproach

Our modular 4-phase consultancy system is built to maximize flexibility for adaptation to any project, minimizing risk for the client. Mix, match, and reshuffle phases to fit your R&D needs.



The feasibility study delivers insights into the technical and economic viability of possible solutions.


The design study provides technical solutions on component level detail.


Production of a physical prototype is completed at high speed with our certified partners. 


We use our extensive network to set up a sustainable supply chain for series production.

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