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Our proven track-record, stretching back to 2006, is one of structure.

InteSpring adapted a simple modular system for our consultancy services consisting of 4 sequential phases. Each phase increases in workload and cost, but each phase also has no obligation to proceed to the next if services are not up to expectations or the solution is no longer feasible: Minimizing risk for the client. 

The system is built to maximize flexibility for adaptation to any project, no matter at what stage our services are needed.


FOR every project

Start from which phase is appropriate to your specific level of development. 



Get results quick with InteSprings specialized network of partners and tools.



Keep control of the development of your product through our transparent workflow. 






So you have a product, but it is unsafe to use around people. Or perhaps you have an idea for an exoskeleton or wearable device, but have no experience with how to put devices on people. Maybe your R&D department has developed a product only to find out the the motor needed to move a component up and down is too bulky and too slow. No matter where you are in your design process, contact InteSpring. We will offer:

A good example is our client Enexis, who was buying enclosures from Zador for domestic gas installations in the Netherlands. A very typical problem for InteSpring to solve was that their service engineers were experiencing shoulder and lower back injuries due to having to lift up the heavy hinging cover of the enclosure to perform their work. Also typical for this problem was that the lid was not only heavy, the installation of the enclosures tended to be somewhere out-of-the-way and thus not ergonomically suited for force exertion.


The feasibility study dives deep into user needs and problem analysis. InteSpring delivers a comprehensive report that provides insights into the technical and economic viability of multiple solution options or concepts. The purpose of the feasibility study is to indicate whether a problem can reasonably be solved, and to indicate in which directions a solution is to be sought.

In the case of the Enexis enclosure, InteSpring finished a report indicating that indeed, with the addition of a simple spring system, the lid could de made virtually weightless. Within 4 weeks it was shown that the added cost of the spring would easily outweigh the benefit to employee health.



Building on one of these concepts, or comparing multiple, the demonstrator study provides technical solutions on a simplified component level detail.  A report elaborating the design(s) is delivered to the client including a CAD file. A rudimentary prototype is built for the purpose of confirming the underlying technical principle.  The goal of the demonstrator is to convince current and future clients of the value of the integrated InteSpring technology. The power of this step is the high speed at which an idea takes tangible form. 

InteSpring provided machine drawings for a simple proof-of-concept prototype. Together the success parameter was set at a experienced load to the service engineer of 5kgs, a 90% reduction. In 6 weeks InteSpring had the components manufactured and assembled a physical prototype.
See the before and after video at the bottom of this page.


Once there is trust in a given concept, the design study entails a much deeper dive into the details of components, usability and ergonomics. Production of a fully functional and detailed prototype is completed with our certified partners in a short time frame. The client then receives not only the full design study, and the functional prototype, but also a report detailing to what degree the predefined success parameters are achieved. The outcome of the design study should be able interest potential buyers at fairs and events in purchasing a product, or secure further investment from potential investors.

In Enexis’ case, InteSpring took over most of the development for the whole product, though with regular feedback sessions from Zadors own design team. The CAD drawings, the spring simulations, and the material analysis was completed in a 8 week period. A functional prototype was delivered.


With the clients input IntSpring iterates the design for production and does extensive lifecycle testing. During this process we use our own network in conjuncture with the clients to set up a sustainable supply chain for series production. The client is presented with a 0-batch, fresh off the line.  The product design phase really delivers a turn-key solution for either a InteSpring designed module to fit an existing product, or a fully developed new product incorporating InteSprings unique technology.  Depending on the boundary conditions set by the client InteSpring can be a supplier delivering the new product or subassembly, a partner in a venture commercially exploiting a new product, or deliver the whole supply chain to the client.

Using InteSprings balanced motor torque reduction, a powered test setup was made to investigate the total solution lifecycle. With a large enough sample set it was shown that the lifecycle of the hinge mechanism far outlived the lifecycle of the enclosure itself or the gas installation within. Within 16 weeks a supply chain was setup from Zador and InteSprings combined network of preferred partners, and the first series production enclosures were produced. Due to Zadors expertise in metalwork, they took over the complete supply chain and now sell the product to Enexis under their own licence.


Congratulation! You have a profitable product on the market, increasing your profit while increasing safety and reducing cost to the environment. It was a pleasure doing business, please keep InteSpring in mind for future R&D endeavors.

Enexis had won this battle against the growing musculoskeletal injuries and the NIOSH-score-penalties.